This desktop research reflects how COVID-19 is influencing people’s lives and lifestyles around the world, and in turn how “COVID lifestyles” affect and will affect the environment.
8 February 2021
  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education

This research aims to understand, address, and eventually influence the lifestyles areas which have the greatest impacts on the planet. It has been carried out through the Anatomy of Action framework which identified impactful actions people can take (15 key actions in 5 domains - food, stuff, move, money, fun).

Though most available sources reflect developed country contexts, they remain relevant as the growing urban middle class throughout the world aspire to similar lifestyles. These aspirations also affect (‘set the bar’) for lower class consumption and emerging economies, reinforcing increasing consumption patterns. 

Led by the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education team, within the Economy Division, it has been reviewed, refined and improved from inputs by: The One Planet Network Programme experts (food, tourism, buildings and construction) and internal UNEP sector experts. This research is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis of COVID-19 impacts, but offers a snapshot of how lifestyles are changing and highlights areas of future interest.

Within each of the five living areas, the main trends (with geographical references) are presented. Comments are offered on possible positive or negative environmental impacts and some possible longer-term consequences are presented.

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  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education
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