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Become a partner.

Become a Partner of the Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme to share, scale up and replicate your work!

The SFS Programme is open to all organisations (legal entities) that are interested in joining a collaborative platform to support the implementation of the Programme.

Being a Partner of the SFS Programme provides opportunities to:

  • Affiliate your projects and activities to the SFS Programme;
  • Participate in SFS Programme activities, team up with other organizations for action on the ground and to develop innovative projects at scale;
  • Apply for a seat in the Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) in case of a vacancy; and
  • Be part of the Programme’s information flow.

If you would like to understand more about becomeing a SFS Programme partner, please take a look at the Terms of Reference, which includes the Partner Application Form in its Annex. Once completed, the partnership application can be directly uploaded on the registration form of this platform by clicking the button below, or sent to


Affilite your projects and activities.

Members of the Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme (Partners, MAC members, Co-Leads) are invited to bring own projects and activities under the umbrella of the SFS Programme, under the condition that they contribute to the achievement of the Programme’s goal and that they are in line with its work areas and priority activities. Affiliated projects may use the SFS Programme logo.

If your organization is a member of the SFS Programme, and you would like to submit a proposal for an affiliated project, please contact us at