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Affiliated projects of the SFS Programme


Affiliated projects/activities contribute to the SFS Programme objectives, are in line with its work areas and priority activities and are implemented by at least one Programme member. Affiliated projects/activities (such as projects, activities, events, publications etc.) will be allowed to use the 10YFP SFS Programme logo


1.  My Food Skills  >  Foodways Consulting GmbH

2.  Designing Food Value Chains to Foster the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development  >  Zurich University of Applied Sciences  

3.  New products based on cereals and pseudocereals from organic farming systems  -  Univerity of Novi Sad

4.  Towards Food Sustainability: Reshaping the coexistence of different food systems in South America and Africa  >  Centre for Development and Environment, University of Bern

5.  Inclusive Business Co-creation Accelerator - Alliance for Agri-Food

6.  Food for Life – A global awareness raising campaign for more sustainable food choices  >  IFOAM

7.  Establish low carbon consumption and production in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines  >  WWF

8.  Online-video-course “Sustainability and Nutrition"  >  Working Group on Sustainable Nutrition

9.  Building a global open source seeds alliance  >  Hivos

10.  Social Innovation: Transnational Seed Exchange Networks

11.  WWF Meat Guides >  WWF

12.  MATE: Market access and territorial empowerment  >  WWF

13.  Uluguru Spice Project  >  Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania  

14.  National Program to Reduce Food Losses and Waste  >  Argentina

15.  Industrial Retrofit Program  -  Argentina

16.  Sustainable Diets: The Transdisciplinary Imperative. A New CABI Book

17.  Sustainable diets and food systems of Pacific Island Countries and other Small Island Developing States (SIDS)  >  Massey University

18.  Resource Smart Food Initiative  -  WWF

19.  New approaches to sustainable agriculture: The potential of farm level sustainability assessments to contribute to an effective, sustainable and widely accepted agricultural policy  >  FiBL

20.  JustNow Reduce Food waste  >  JustNow

21.  The Stanford Community Food Hub  >  Pinpoint Sustainability

22.  Feed-X  -  Project X 


NEW! approved affiliated projects. Info coming soon!

23.  Green Acre Academy  >  Green Acre Living

24.  Wanted: Food for the Future > Rikolto (previously VECO)

25.  Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment (SAFE) Platform  >  Hivos

26.  Mainstreaming food loss reduction initiatives for smallholders in food deficit areas > FAO

27.  Accelerate to Doubling Farmers Income Through Sustainable Value Chain > UDYAMA

28.  Global Food Identities: Empowering Foodscape Education > Future Food Institute

29.  Abalimi Phambili Farmer Support Programme  >  Lima Rural Development Foundation

30.  Addressing smallholder development through dialogue and social innovation in the South African food system  >  Southern Africa Food Lab

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