Are you an expert within buildings and construction? Provide your input to the State of Play on Circular Built Environment and linkages to the SDGs
13 August 2020
  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction
Survey on circularity in the built environment and the SDGs

The Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme has been working on a global state of play report on circularity in the built environment and we have devised a short survey to seek your input.

We invite you to provide us your thoughts and comments on the rankings for the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the core indicators to be considered (or not). We are seeking input from building and construction experts in all regions across the world. We are looking for opinions on relevant indicators that reflects the importance of the various SDG targets and indicators for circularity in the built environment.

In case you have already commented on these, feel free to send this to other members in your organisation or in the built environment sector.

Access survey here

Check out also the recorded soft launch of the Global State of Play report here

  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction
Circularity, Innovation, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Systems change, Value chain