The One Planet Network Consumer Information Programme is conducting a survey on consumer information tools for sustainable consumption and production.
8 January 2021
  • Consumer Information for SCP

The One Planet Network Consumer Information Programme (CI-SCP) is conducting a survey on consumer information tools for sustainable consumption and production. The survey is open until 31 January 2021. We invite you to participate and add your insights to strengthen the knowledge base of the Programme and inform future activities. The survey will ask for your inputs on eight different types of consumer information tools.  

Thank you for devoting 10-15 minutes to fill-in the survey. 


The focus of the survey is on tools that can help consumers make more informed choices by providing reliable product sustainability information.  
“Information tools include labels, voluntary standards and certifications, product declarations, ratings, marketing claims, foot printing, life-cycle assessments, and other ways of communicating with consumers on environmental and social issues connected to products” (UNEP & ITC, 2017). 

Objective of the survey 

The aim of this survey is to get a better overview of existing consumer information tools and identify emerging trends and current gaps in the provision of product sustainability information. This will inform future activities from the Programme and its partners as the CI-SCP aims to support the provision of quality information on goods and services. 

Use of the results 

The survey results will be presented on the One Planet network website. The CI-SCP will also seek to engage relevant organizations in the Programme and encourage them to report on their tools through the One Planet network SDG 12 reporting. Going forward, the Programme will use some of the collected consumer information tools as examples for how sustainability information is communicated to consumers in Programme outputs (e.g. reports, website, social media) or at events (e.g. conferences, webinars). 

  • Consumer Information for SCP