Dr. Agnes Kalibata of Rwanda, the recently designated Special Envoy for the 2021 Food Systems Summit, concluded the High Level Dialogue “Investing in Food Systems Transformation” at Davos.
31 January 2020
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Michael Mulet-Solon
Dr. Agnes Kalibata, the Special Envoy for the 2021 Food Systems Summit

Dr. Agnes Kalibata, the Special Envoy for the 2021 Food Systems Summit provided the concluding remarks to a High Level Dialogue on “Investing in Food Systems Transformation that was co-​organized by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) and the World Economic Forum's Food Systems Dialogues (FSD) in Davos last week. Dr. Kalibata, highlighted the importance of the event indicating that it marked the launch of the global process towards the UN Food Systems Summit of 2021.

Switzerland, co-lead of the SFS Programme, established what is set to be a promising working relationship with Dr. Kalibata through collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF  was recently selected as a member of the SFS Programme's Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee in its new 2-year term.

Dr. Kalibata, was designated as Special Envoy to the Summit by the UN Secretery General back in December. Dr. Kalibata's mission will be that of providing leadership, setting strategic direction, and galvanizing action towards a Summit that aims to "offer a catalytic moment for global public mobilization and actionable commitments to invest in diverse ways to make food systems inclusive, climate adapted and resilient, and support sustainable peace."

In the high-level event, Dr. Kalibata reminded participants of the urgency to accelerate action, with only 10 years left to achieve the SDGs. She stressed that the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit will be an opportunity to bring together all relevant actors and initiatives to figure out how to accelerate the transformation of our food systems, key to fulfilling the SDGs.

Dr. Kalibata, is a former Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Rwanda (2008 to 2014), where she delivered programs that shifted her country to food security, and cntributed to lifting more than a million Rwandans out of poverty. Dr. Kalibata is currently and President of AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) and a renowned champion of food systems transformation.

The high-level panel was followed by a new edition of the Food Systems Dialogues, curated by Dr. David Nabarro, 2018 World Food Prize co-winner. The summary report of the FSD will be available soon here


Photo credit: David Nabarro

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