Wasting less plastic and keeping it out of the ocean: Has the needle moved?
30 October 2020

SOS2020 Objectives

SEA of Solutions is an annually occurring partnership event towards solving plastic pollution at source.
SOS2020 unites seekers and providers of market-transforming policy, business, and technology solutions, enabling networking among plastic value-chain stakeholders to facilitate information exchange, collaboration, and partnerships that result in reduced single-use plastic production, use of alternative packaging, and increased collection for recycling.

SOS2020 will:

  • Discuss the challenges of managing COVID-19-related waste and identify the ongoing efforts and multistakeholder responses and solutions, with a focus on reduction and recycling;
  • Highlight opportunities for transformation through footprint measurement, reporting, and disclosure,
  • plastic neutrality and monetizing waste for communities and businesses;
  • Promote and enable policies and incentives towards less plastic wasted through a deeper
  • understanding of market perceptions and consumer behavior

What will be done at SOS2020?

SOS2020 will include plenary as well as parallel sessions, an online exhibition space, and a side event stage. The programme will be designed to encourage audience participation, including through discussion sessions, use of polls and other creative tools.

How can you participate?


SOS2020 will include ten interlinked sessions to generate insights and identify solutions. These sessions will consider (1) COVID-19 impacts, responses and solutions, (2) challenges and solutions for recycling and monetizing waste, and (3) transformative policies for effective action. Session formats include TED-style presentations, dialogues (moderator interviewing experts or persons of interest), and three to four-person panel discussions. Sessions will be 60 minutes long, with time of at least
20 minutes for audience participation including through Q&A, polls, and use of other creative tools.

Lightning Talks

Short, pre-recorded presentations (c 5-8 minutes) available on demand will provide introductory or background information on key concepts and topics that will be tackled during SOS2020. Lightning talks may address, for example, AI for monitoring, harmonizing plastic accounting standards, plastic credits 101,
what are good commitments? etc. Speakers of lightning talks will be available for scheduled meetings during SOS2020. Some lightning talks
may also be selected for screening as part of SOS2020 sessions.

For more information on how to particpate in SOS2020, please click here