Wholesome Nutrition: an example for a sustainable diet

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Type of document: Scientific, technical, research

Our publication “Wholesome Nutrition: an example for a sustainable diet“, published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society in August 2016, addresses environmental, economic, social, health and cultural impacts of our dietary habits and our food system from a local, national and global perspective. It raises awareness of the need of a transformation of society towards sustainable nutrition and finally lifestyles. We introduce our concept of a “Sustainable Nutrition“, also known as “Wholesome Nut

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Our target groups are scientists, multipliers, and students from different professional fields, e.g. nutrition sciences, development cooperation, environmental education. The publication has been selected as Paper of the Month for October 2016 by one of the Editors of the five Nutrition Society Publications (British Journal of Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition, Nutrition Research Reviews, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society and Journal of Nutritional Science).