Sustainable Lifestyles: Options and Opportunities

Type of document: Training materials, toolkits

This publication offers proven actions for creating and inspiring more sustainable lifestyles. It provides the rationale, resources and ideas for developing initiatives across areas of food, mobility, housing, goods and leisure as well as in general sustainable lifestyle areas. Informed by international advisors including in Bogota and Marrakech, it’s a tool for groups with limited resources who want maximum impact.
Developed by: United Nations Environment Programme and One Earth – Oct 2018

Further information

Globally, people are weaving sustainability into their daily lives — meeting needs and pursuing wellbeing and aspirations through building community; reducing meat and dairy consumption; wasting less food and using leftovers; reusing, repairing, recycling, sharing and borrowing goods; and enjoying the things that matter most, such as friends, experiences and nature. This is impressive since aspirations of ‘the good life’ continue to be strongly influenced by pro-consumption messaging and because people who are aware may not have more sustainable options available. Yet, taken together these actions are piecemeal and do not capture the full potential that holistic sustainable living initiatives can offer. This publication addresses this gap. It provides a sample of proven lifestyles options and opportunities including in the areas of food, mobility, housing, consumer goods, and leisure and general sustainable lifestyles. The audience is people running campaigns and initiatives with limited resources who want maximum impact. Explore these opportunities and create initiatives that work in your context — because what works in Brazil is different from what works in Morocco. Join us in advancing sustainable living in more effective ways.