Sustainable Consumption And Production Roadmap For Israel 2015 – 2020 [National Action Plan]

Published in 2016 by

Type of document: Scientific, technical, research

Started in 2013, the development process of the Israel Sustainable Consumption and Production Roadmap ended in 2015 with the release of the final report. The roadmap compiles achievable, innovative and high impact projects and is divided into three chapters according to their relative Consumption vs. Production emphasis:

Sustainable Production oriented initiatives
Sustainable Consumption oriented initiatives;
Connecting the dots: initiatives that are in between Sustainable Production and Sustainable Consumption

Further information

The different initiatives are at different levels of development, some are a continuation of previous projects and some are still in early stages of planning. However, all are designed to be launched and implemented during the planning horizon of five years, ending in 2020. The development process was done under the guidance of an advisory team from the Israeli Ministries of Environmental Protection and Economy and based on a year-long scoping review process which included over 300 participants from all sectors in 8 different workshops