SCP Targets and Indicators and the SDGs

Published in 2014 by

Type of document: Scientific, technical, research

Based on the review of official documents, reports, and United Nations processes, through an extensive methodology that is detailed in the Annex of the present paper, the following SCP targets and indicators have been identified as being among the most important for inclusion in the SDGs. Whether these targets and indicators are included under a stand-alone SCP goal, or are integrated under other issue-specific goals, it appears crucial that the issue of sustainable consumption and production be placed at the core of the next global development agenda.

To assist member states and other stakeholders in considering these possible targets and indicators, they have been grouped under some of the focus areas defined by the OWG on SDGs, as reflected in the draft of 17 April 2014, prepared by the co-chairs. A matrix summarizing them appears immediately below, and the rationale for proposing them is explored in more depth in the main body of the present paper.