Regional Roadmap for Implementation of the 10YFP in the Asia-Pacific region (2014-2015)

Published in 2014 by

Type of document: Policy and legislation

This Asia-Pacific roadmap will be used as a coordination, communication and 10YFP programme design tool to assemble and synthesize inputs from the regional level, understanding that the 10YFP programmes will be designed by Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committees (MACs) in each programme, operating at a global level.

Further information

The programmes will build capacity for implementation and awareness raising activities to promote the shift to SCP patterns. The global programmes will necessarily have some regional specificity, to ensure effective delivery of support for the shift to SCP patterns, at regional and national levels, this being the primary goal of the 10YFP. The regionally developed roadmap which follows will be an important tool to help design those specificities, including on both the substance and coordination of the programme at regional level. The Roadmap for Asia and the Pacific intends to be a “live” document that will evolve with time.