The One Planet network Programme on Consumer Information Brochure

Published in 2020 by

Type of document: Communication / Awareness Raising

The UN One Planet network’s Consumer Information Programme for Sustainable Consumption and Production (CI-SCP) serves as a global platform to support the provision of quality information on goods and services, and the identification and implementation of the most effective strategies to engage consumers in sustainable consumption. This brochure gives an overview of the Programme describing its objectives, key work areas, structure and relevant stakeholders. It also provides information on how to join the Programme.

Further information

The One Planet network is the multi-stakeholder network that formed to support the implementation of the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP). The 10YFP is a commitment made in 2012 at Rio+20 to accelerate the shift to SCP. Its implementation is target 12.1 of the Sustainable Development Goals. The One Planet network is one of the official implementation mechanisms of Goal 12 of the SDGs and it provides unified direction, tools and solutions for SCP. The One Planet Network has six programmes, the CI-SCP being one of them. UN Environment Programme serves as the Secretariat of the One Planet network. The One Planet network is an open partnership, which countries and organizations are invited to join. To join the Consumer Information Programme or get more information contact