Ministry of Environment and National Development Unit of Mauritius

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National Programme on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) for Mauritius (2008-2013)

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Type of document: Project documents

The Ministry of Environment and National Development Unit has developed a National Programme for SCP for Mauritius. The following strategic priorities form the focus of the SCP programme framework:
- Sustainable Energy Consumption
- Sustainable Water Consumption
- Sustainable Buildings
- Education and Communication for Sustainable Lifestyles
- Integrated Solid Waste Management and Recycling
- Sustainable Public Service Practices
- Increase the Market Supply and Demand for Sustainable Products

Further information

The SCP programme comprises 44 projects under the above thematic priority areas, and whose implementation would cost around 1 million USD. The following mechanisms identified for funding the programme are: - Direct funding by government organisations through the programme-based budgeting process and through taxation of various types by the Ministry of FinanceMaking use of the “Maurice Ile Durable” Fund for specific projectsBy linking the demand for SCP technical support and the supply of technical /financial services by development cooperation agencies.Liaising with Marrakech Task Forces to identify technical and financial support - The UNEP/ Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production based at in Germany, will provide technical support and input to the MOE on developing pilot projects into full project documents that could be submitted for fund mobilization by countries. - Sponsorship by the private sector through their CSR activities Implementation of the national SCP programme has started by the various agencies responsible for the implementation of specific projects.