Mainstreaming Eco-innovation in Sustainable Consumption and Production policies (English, French, Spanish)

Published in 2017 by

Type of document: Scientific, technical, research

The objective of this publication is to provide practical guidance for policymakers and service providers to create a policy context that is conducive to eco-innovation, thus enabling systemic changes in production and consumption patterns.

El objetivo de esta publicación es proveer una orientación práctica a los encargados de formular políticas y a los proveedores de servicios, para crear un contexto normativo que propicie la eco-innovación y por ende posibilite los cambios sistémicos en los patrones de consumo y producción.

L’objectif de cette publication est de fournir des conseils pratiques afin que les décideurs politiques et prestataires de services créent un cadre politique favorable à l’éco-innovation, permettant des changements systémiques dans les modes de consommation et production durable.

Further information

This publication reflects the results of a three-year effort within the context of the Resource Efficiency and Eco-innovation in Developing and Transition Economies project, funded by the European Commission and presents a broad range of examples across industry sectors, environmental aspects and geographical areas. For more information on Eco-innovation, visit: