Literature Review Memo on SDGs and Procurement

Type of document: Communication / Awareness Raising

This memo is an analysis of the current landscape of available literature and tools that connect the SDGs and procurement. The scoping study explores the existing guidance, methods and tools that help procurement advance towards sustainability, identifies potential organizations and initiatives to partner with, and suggests methods to measure and communicate the sustainability impacts or outcomes of procurement.

Further information

A new publication has been released by Microsoft and the United Nations Environment Programme commissioned Industrial Economics Inc (IEc) to explore any existing types of guidance, methods and tools currently available that can support procurement and supply chain managers advance towards achieving the SDGs, as well as identifying potential organizations and initiatives to partner with. This study also examines the possibility of SDGs as a guidepost against which the sustainability outcomes achieved by sustainable procurement programs can be measured and communicated. The study consists of an analysis of the existing literature and tools available online that either directly or indirectly connect the SDGs and procurement, and is supplemented by a full list of the 252 references which ranges from tools, guides, calculators to reports and websites. This memo is crucial for any institutional procurers aiming to advance their sustainable procurement policies, measure their SPP activities, and take action on the SDGs.