Green Enterprise Mela- Bihar

Published in 2018 by

Type of document: Best practices, case studies

The Green Enterprise Mela provided a platform and brought together various stakeholders from the government and private sectors to create dialogue to promote fly ash bricks (FAB) in Bihar , India.

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The discussions and dialogue focussed on concepts and the practical applicability of fly ash bricks, enterprise development, and fly ash (a waste) as a raw material that can contribute towards transitioning to a resource resilient India. The event witnessed participation from 111 participants from diverse groups including existing and potential fly ash entrepreneurs, regulators and policy makers, civil society, technology providers, builders and contractors, banks and fly ash associations. Many of the eminent speakers expressed their deep concern regarding fly ash utilization and the immediate need for developing a supportive ecosystem to promote fly ash bricks in Bihar. The speakers were confident that the prime objective of promoting fly ash bricks in Bihar can be achieved through transformative action on technological, economic, regulatory and behavioural changes.