Generic Manual on Updating and Adapting Guidelines for SPP

Type of document: Training materials, toolkits

The ‘Generic Manual on Updating and Adapting Guidelines for SPP’ has been developed
to provide a comprehensive methodology to adapt the SPP guidelines prepared for the five
products in the pilot phase to a wider set of products. It outlines the process of developing the
rationale behind the sustainable procurement recommendations as well as method of
presenting the sustainability criteria that can be used for Sustainable Public Procurement

Further information

This Manual is intended to assist whosoever will prepare product guidelines on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) for Mauritius. SPP Guidelines for five products viz. paper for office use; passenger cars; cleaning chemicals and cleaning services; ICT equipment - computers, laptops and printers; and furniture have been developed in the pilot phase which could be used for reference. The SPP guidelines for the five products were developed based on UNEP/EU SPP Guidelines and expanding and contextualizing to the Mauritian context.