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The Fly Ash Brick Industry in Bihar

Published in 2019 by

Type of document: Project documents

This is the third edition “Fly Ash Brick Industry in Bihar”. It assesses the current state of fly ash bricks in Bihar and delves deeper into the barriers faced by the industry, on the demand and supply side in particular, based on the survey and analysis done by Development Alternatives. The report seeks to address the issues faced in manufacturing and selling of fly ash bricks and gives an insight into the measures taken for overcoming those.

Further information

Development Alternatives, with support from Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, has analysed the status of the fly ash brick industry in Bihar, over the last six years. These observations have been documented in the first and second editions of the report, published in 2014 and 2016 respectively. These reports have been appreciated by public and private organisations, for the in-depth analysis of the fly ash brick industry. Since then, quite an appreciable change has been influenced in the sector, which has prompted the third edition of the report. We hope that this study will turn out to be useful for all relevant stakeholders.