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EU GPP Policy and Ecolabel (Asia-Pacific GPPEL Training Workshop-Part 8)

Published in 2016 by

Type of document: Best practices, case studies

This presentation authored by Mr. Robert Kaukewitsch and Mr.Jiannis Kougoulis (EU) features the EU GPP Policy and Ecolabel. It is extracted from the Asia Pacific GPPEL high-level training workshop held in December 2016 in Beijing, China, co-organized by UN Environment and China Environmental United Certification Center(MEP CEC), in the framework of the “Strengthening the capacities and improving the knowledge on green public procurement and eco-labelling in the ASEAN+3 region” project.

The presentation can be viewed as a video on the SCP Clearinghouse Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49N810V-aLA&feature=youtu.be