The Business Case for Eco-Innovation

Published in 2014 by

Type of document: Scientific, technical, research

This publication sets out to demonstrate the compelling
business case for eco-innovation and how it can enable
your company to carve out commercially interesting
opportunities. You are presented with examples from
companies that have integrated eco-innovation at the
core of their business strategy. The findings demonstrate
considerable business benefits including: increased
market access, value creation and business growth (with
an average annual growth of 15 % from eco-innovative
companies) along with increased operational resilience.
As a result of eco-innovation, these companies are
developing new solutions and products1 which can
perform above industry standards.
With global resource scarcity and environmental
degradation presenting growing challenges for
business, along with related market and regulatory
pressures, companies are facing a need to think more
strategically about the sustainability of their business.
Eco-innovation can help transform these challenges into
new market opportunities.