Barrier Analysis on Implementation of SPP in Mauritius

Type of document: Training materials, toolkits

The Government of Mauritius has initiated the Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) program under the aegis of Ministry of Finance and Economic Development with Procurement Policy Office (PPO) as the focal point.
Under the SPP program, various activities have been undertaken such as status assessment, legal review, market readiness and SPP Policy Plan.

Further information

A set of goods have been taken up in the pilot phase viz. paper for general office use, office furniture, cleaning materials, passenger cars, personal computers/ laptops and printers; and cleaning services. For these goods sustainability criteria have been developed, standard bidding documents have been modified and a contract management manual has been prepared. The SPP process can be adopted either at the market end or at the user’s end. SPP adoption is highly dependent on the market readiness to deliver products which meet the sustainability criteria adopted in Mauritius. Besides the market readiness to deliver products, the preparedness of the market to address the criteria impacting the life cycle of the products is important. On the other hand the decision-makers as well as the procurement officials need to be prepared to address procurement under the SPP process. In order to facilitate the SPP adoption, it is important to identify the possible barriers and to develop measures that can enable the adoption of SPP. This report presents the barrier analysis carried out based on the interactions with various stakeholders.