1st ASEAN+3 GPPEL Network webinar presentation

Published in 2015 by

Type of document: Communication / Awareness Raising

As part of the Chinese and KEITI funded project "Strengthening the capacities and improving the knowledge on Green Public Procurement and Eco-Labelling in the ASEAN+3 region", UNEP will host 2 webinars over the course of 2015 with the intention of increasing knowledge sharing and capacity building within the ASEAN+3 region.

The first webinar took place on 12 March 2015. Specific objectives of this webinar were to report on events and activities relevant to ASEAN+3 GPPEL network members, to share members' work and experiences, and to announce upcoming activities related to SPP/GPP and/or Ecolabelling in the ASEAN+3 region.