The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency calls for applicants working on development projects on sustainable plastic use in the BRIICS countries. Deadline is 11th of March 2020.
19 February 2020
sustainable use of plastic waste

Unsustainable plastic use and poor management of plastic waste is associated with environmental problems of global concern – plastic litter in the marine and terrestrial environment, environmental pollution from microplastics and unsustainable use of nature’s resources.

The Swedish EPA announces an opportunity for funding of development projects on sustainable plastic use and sound management of plastic waste in the BRIICS countries - Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, India, China and South Africa. The aim is to: 

  • Prevent or reduce the use of plastic products and/or plastic packaging
  • Accelerate the transition towards a circular plastic economy
  • Prevent plastic pollution from land-based sources 

The project grants are between USD 30,000 to 200,000 and can be used for non-commercial activities carried out by non-profit organisations, public organisations, universities and research institutes.

Examples on projects that can be supported by the grant:

  • Long-lasting capacity building projects that target relevant private stakeholders as well as public policy makers and officials that are mandated to influence plastic management, waste management and littering.
  • Projects to promote collaboration by actors in different parts of the value chain.
  • Pilot projects to test new techniques, designs and business models.
  • Pilot projects to improve waste infrastructure and reduce littering.
  • Projects aimed at developing policy instruments and policy documents that can be used by industry associations and/or national or regional authorities.
  • Projects aimed at collection and analysis of information to identify and close knowledge gap’s on plastic and plastic waste on regional and national level.

Project period

April 20th 2020 to 19th of April 2021.

Application deadline

The application must be submitted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency no later than 11th of March 2020, 23:59 CET.

Read full announcement of project funding here.

Download project application and budget template.


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