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Sustainable Tourism Programme


Mainstreaming sustainable consumption and production in tourism


The One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme is currently guided by the One Planet Vision for a Responsible Recovery of Tourism from COVID-19. The Vision calls for a recovery which is founded on sustainability, to build back better and underpin the resilience of tourism.


The One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme aims to accelerate sustainable consumption (SCP) in tourism policies and practices to address the challenges of pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change. It supports the transition towards a circular economy as a pathway for the sustainable development of tourism.

Through its work, the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme sets the SCP agenda in the tourism sector to advance the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 and also delivers progress under connected goals such as SDG13, SDG14 and SDG15, respectively on climate action and the protection of marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

The Programme was launched in February 2015 and operates as a multi-stakeholder partnership that promotes knowledge sharing and networking to define collective priorities and identify solutions.


The strategy of the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme builds on the One Plan for One Planet which details the common approach for the six programmes in the network.

The strategy is articulated around three main areas of intervention:

Work streams

Knowledge centre


Showcase your work within the Knowledge Centre

Programme members are invited to showcase their work within the Knowledge Centre of the programme which serves as a repository of initiatives and resources on advancing SCP in tourism.


Annual Reports

On an annual basis, reported progress and contributions from programme members are used to prepare the official report to the High-level Political Forum of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.


The One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme is led by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) of the United Nations, with the governments of France and Spain as Co-leads and in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).