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Sustainable Public Procurement Programme

Get involved

Become a partner!

Share, scale-up and replicate your work and showcase your contribution to achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12

The One Planet SPP programme is built on networks and partnerships, promoting networking among like-minded organisations and facilitating learning through experiences sharing. Any entity or project that works on supporting and stimulating SPP and delivers working examples that is willing to share and link with the programme, is a potential partner of the programme.

Programme actors contribute to global developments in the field of sustainable public procurement, are seen as frontrunners and by contributing to the SPP programme plan of work and showcasing their contribution towards achieving SCP, they become part of the formally recognized implementation mechanism for SDG 12; the One Planet network.

What does it mean to be a Programme Partner?

  • Showcase, disseminate or scale-up your work by affiliating your projects and activities with the OPN SPP Programme, making them thus part of the products or solutions  (portfolio) that the programme offers or is developing to support countries in implementing sustainable public procurement;
  • Demonstrate your contribution to SDG12/Agenda 2030 by participating in the annual One Planet Network reporting exercise
  • Participate in OPN SPP Programme activities, team up with other organizations for action on the ground and to develop innovative projects at scale;
  • Apply for a seat in the programme’s Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) in case of a vacancy; and
  • Be part of the Programme’s information flow, contributing and benefiting by knowledge sharing within the programme community, sharing experiences, lessons learnt, good practices, tools and methodologies in support of sustainable procurement.
  • The Co-Leads of the OPN SPP Programme, in turn, can play its role as a ‘matchmaker’ and link you up with other actors, identify other projects and events that are of interest to you, and promote your relevant work to the network.

How to Apply

  • Read the Modus Operandi of the programme, which outlines the role and responsibilities of different programme actors (leads, partners, MAC members);
  • Submit the completed application form online
  • You will be notified on the outcome of your application, once this has been reviewed by the One Planet network SPP programme Co-Leads and the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC).

For any queries, please contact the Coordination Desk: