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Zoobop is a young FREE TO USE platform with a simple goal to provide KEY information to consumers in order for them to make better choices.

With our BOP tool, we have launched the world's first brand checker with a clear purpose to promote responsible consumption (SDG 12) through informed choices.


Our mantra “Bop it before you shop it” allows you to check a brand, see how it fares and find better, cleaner, safer alternatives in your budget and location.

We have scored over 3000+ brands globally.

With the current and impending climate problem, none of us can look away. By making small changes we can all make a big difference to this little planet we all call home. 


Better Products = Better Us = Better earth


Zoobop’s brand score, simply put, is a numerical measure on how a brand performs on its ethics, policies, sustainability and eco-footprint. The score is based on a wide range of criteria namely the usage of possible carcinogens, environmental footprint, cruelty-free practices, labelling transparency, ethics in sourcing & community impact.

The zoobop score provides transparent information on a brand ethos and its footprint following these four key metrics of concern to consumers:

  • personal safety
  • the environment
  • transparency
  • Animals

Zoobop scores each of these criteria, so users can see how a brand fares on each independently and see the collective aggregate score of the brand. It is important to note that the Zoobop score gives negative marks to brands that greenwash or make false claims and we give positive points to brands that use (verified) eco-labels and which contribute to society in both small & big ways.