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World Harmony Foundation

As Dean of UN NGOs for 40 years, I was involved not only during the runup to the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, but in the Commisson on Sustainable Development, where Jeffery Barber coordinated the Sustainable Production and Consumption Caucus. I have been involved with recycling for the last 68 years of my life and am interested in understanding more about how to live a resilient lifestyle (since the first use of the term "developpement durable" or "resilient develoment" was used in the 1920s at the Natural History Museum in Paris). I also was involved 30 years ago in the Manhattan Borough President's Task Force on recycling, which eventually led to the reqauirement for all New York City apartment buildings to have 3 bins for trash collection, separating plastics from paper and glass. I also have known Lys McLaughlin, the former President of the Council on the Environment, which promoted and still does office building recycling, as well as having worked with Barry Benepe on the creation of the New York City Greenmarkets. In Tampa, Florida, there is very little in terms of formal recycling and re-use, "trash" is just picked up and then taken to a recycling depot. Chris astro, in the Mayor's office in Orlando, Florida, did institute for the City of Orlando a curbside recycling system that is similar to the one described for New York City, except that there are few homes here that have "basements" so the only recycling possible is at the curb. I have also followed the United Nations Environment Programme's initiative on sustainable consumption and production, which is based in the Paris Office of United Nations Environment Programme in the Bussiness and Industry office. Lastly, I have followed and supported closely the initiatives of the UN Headquarters in New York City on sustainable procurement.