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Women and Children Welfare and Development Organization

1)Organization History:

Our organization established in 2018 by victims of SGBV of feminist activists and youth women professional for purpose of fight back inequality and seeking justice for vulnerable and underserved community memebers. since then reregistered by newly declared  cilvil society organization proclamation of number 1113/2019 with legal registration number of 4574.

2)Vision: Strive to create an enviroment where everyone equally access and practice human right and its preveildge with full dignity.

3)Mission: Ensure human right and gender equality of children, adolsecents and youth women through actively involve in building process of eqauilty within nation and social welfare.


* promote and empower leadership and decision making roles and capacity of youths within society and nation, bring program, policy, and law change to wards       benefit of underserved.

*Bring accountability and transparencey of justice systems and government practice.

*Address needs of social welfare through expand and reach remote and rural undersrved  community members with different development and welfare project.

5)Thematic Area: 


* Development Program

* Humanitarian Aid

6)Programmatic Intervention:

*Sexual and reproductive health right and justice

*Justice and Legal Empowerment.

*Protection and security

*Economic empowerment

*Gender Empowerment

*Women and Children Right

*Humanitarian Aid and Disater Relief response.

*Environmental and Climate Justice.

*Children and Girl Quality Education

7)Organizational Achievement: Since 2018 our organization collaborated and built partnership with community memebers, volunteers, donors, Governmant bodies and other concerned stakeholder to reach more than 50000 of children, adolsecnts and youth women through provided SRHR and Abortion right awareness raising, distribution menstrual kits, support of education materials, paralegal service, and comprehensive care for gender based violence victims.

Since 2021 partnership with differnet sakeholders we are providing nutrition and food security support for war affected under five children and preganat and lactating mothers through reponse of "prevention of life threaten malnutrion" ongoing project in northern part of the country, especially in Tigray regional state.