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Wild Adventures Melbourne (WAM)

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We have been living and breathing tourism & hospitality for many years and have experienced first hand the positive and negative impacts the industry can have on the world.
So when the time came to plan and launch our own adventure tour company, it was imperative we were a force for good and put an environmental and community purpose before profit in every aspect of what we do whilst also providing outstanding adventurous experiences to our guests.
The foundations of WAM have been designed to go beyond sustainability into regenerative tourism practices.
We are strong believers how connecting people with nature and wildlife, develops a stronger connection with the environment leading to positive change.
By signing the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, we recognise the responsibilities and obligations we have to Boon Wurrung country on the Mornington Peninsula, where we operate, and the planet as a whole, to take climate action.
We commit to fostering climate action within our business and wider community, and to working collaboratively to bring about positive, meaningful, and much needed climate action.