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Welfare Togo

Welfare Togo’s mission is to promote sustainable development and protect ecosystems.  

Welfare Togo has implemented a variety of activities and initiatives, including awareness-raising and education programs for actors in the tourism industry and the general public, beach cleanups and a Friday radio talk show on the impacts of marine litter on the economy, ecosystem and public health. 



In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Welfare Togo commits to:

  • Providing information about the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative on their online tv (ecoconscience tv), social media platforms, online meetings and workshops.  
  • Recruiting at least 50 NGOs across Africa by December 2021 
  • Running a series of training programs to raise awareness about marine litter targeting actors in the tourism sector.  
  • Operationalizing Togo’s legislation for the management of plastics by implementing a programme aimed at engaging with relevant stakeholders. 



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