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Welcome To The Netherlands

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We believe in giving back the power to all welcoming owners the Travel & Tourism industry. Key tourism stakeholders are jointly promoting destinations and video content increases direct sales & conversions. We combine video inspiration with commission free bookings.
Problem statement for the travelers wish we solve with Welcome to the World.
- Increased demand; There is an appetite of direct booking but no consolidated platform to facilitate 
- Convenience; Travelers have to visit multiple sites & sources to find travel inspiration 
- Lack of awareness; travelers are unaware of direct booking benefits for both them and the industry.

Solution: 1 platform with a complete focus on travel and tourism video content
- Promoting most popular destinations on one inspirational platform to drive direct bookings in The Netherlands
- Membership model, combining increased online visibility with direct bookings whilst eliminating commissions (MaaS:Marketing as a Service)
- Collecting welcoming benefits across the country to drive bookings at tourism businesses directly
We inspire, connect and collaborate with likeminded triple Helix stakeholders to drive transformative and sustainable tourism at light speed.