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Vortechs Management

Vortechs Energy has developed advanced recycling technology and waste to energy technology that enables mixed plastics and hard to recycle plastics to be recycled. We focus on converting mixed plastics and other hydrocarbon waste into recyclable feedstock, or low-carbon forms of energy as the customer requries. We use local, village-scale thermal cracking technology to be able to recycle where the waste is located, instead of transporting waste long distances to large recycling facilities or the landfill. We keep plastics and other hydrocarbon waste out of the landfills and out of our oceans, while generating recyclable feedstock for recycled products, or energy for energy-poor regions.  In developing nations, we address the three P problems: poverty, pollution, and power by paying the poorest a working wage to gather hydrocarbon waste and prevent its entry into landfills and oceans, and generating power for the local grid for business and entrepreneurs to be able to increase employment and the local standard of living.