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Venezia Autentica

Venezia Autentica is a social enterprise founded in Venice in 2017. Our goal is to transform the way tourism impacts the city. We want to move from an unsustainable mass tourism, that benefits neither the visitors nor the residents, to a more sustainable, more responsible tourism which is a true win-win.

To do so, we are using social innovation and digital technologies to make it easy and fun for visitors to have a quality experience in Venice while making  a positive impact locally. With our campaigns, platforms and programs, we empower both local businesses and travelers by creating a system that bridges the gap between them. Visitors can therefore have a more authentic and more meaninful experience that directly supports local businesses. This is important as it benefits the quality of tourism and the local economy and helps to preserve the local community, culture, identity and environment.

The co-founders of Venezia Autentica are regularly speaking at events and commenting on media. The work of Venezia Autentica has been featured in Forbes, BBC, and more and have been underlined by international competitions which identify the best digital solutions changing societies.

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