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Útvar koordinace evropských projektů města Plzně, p.o.

Útvar koordinace evropských projektů města Plzně, p.o. (hereinafter ÚKEP) was established on 1 March 2005 as a contributory organization of the City of Pilsen. Its founder is the Statutory City of Pilsen and is managed by the Mayor's Office of the City of Pilsen.

ÚKEP provides information in the area of obtaining grants and grants focused primarily on the resources of the European Union and provides services to all entities within the city of Pilsen and other interested parties with whom it cooperates on specific projects. It focuses on larger projects implemented with the contribution of the European Union, both the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund. At the same time, it ensures the optimization of the management and financing structure. In order to optimize the applicant's own resources, it receives funding from national and local sources.

ÚKEP is an organization that employs mainly project management managers and specialists in individual activities. It cooperates with experts within the City of Pilsen and, if necessary, with specific external specialists.

ÚKEP prepares and implements wide portfolio of projects for comprehensive support of regional development. The scope of activities ranges from large infrastructure transport projects, environmental projects, large research center projects and scientific parks, innovation projects, educational projects, social and cultural projects, etc.

ÚKEP has 14 permanent employees and cooperates with specialists in a specific sector to prepare and implement projects. ÚKEP also coordinates its activities with other organizations of the City of Pilsen and development organizations of the Pilsen Region and other national institutions.

Since 2005, ÚKEP and its partners have implemented many projects aimed at supporting innovation in the region. These are not only infrastructure projects, but also projects improving the skills of workforce and supporting the introduction of innovation into general society.

Support for the Offer of Educational Programs for the Public Sector of the Pilsen Region
- The educational project focused on employees of the public sector of the Pilsen Region.
- The aim is to contribute to increasing the performance of public administration, to enhancing the strategic and managerial skills of education participants, and thereby to contribute to streamlining work in the public sector of the Pilsen Region.

Project ITI (Integrated Territorial Investment)
- Implementation unit for Pilsen conurbation and development of a comprehensive strategy for EU grants in Pilsen region. The aim of the project is to propose strategic and comprehensive projects to support innovation and improve the whole environment for life in the region.
- We developed comprehensive web-tool for complete management of project proposals related to regional development, informational support of relevant partners and public sector.

Project SmartCity Pilsen
- Development and management of complex project for Municipality of the City of Pilsen. Cooperation in the creation of a comprehensive strategy for business support services and Innovation, Cooperation with business partners.

Project SmartWatch – (Central Europe - Interreg project)
- Member of the network as a policy maker, supports of regional partners with implementation of policies in regional development a innovation.