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upto u education services

upto u  education services exists to nurture the development of youngsters, communities and businesses in terms of sustainable, REAL, lifelong, empowering, self-directed, experiential learning. Mark Upton, CEO, believes educating & developing the next sustainability change leaders (youngsters) in parallel with facilitating present-day educators and businesses in sustainable leadership development is THE way he can make a meaningful impact. upto u  education works in China and in UK and is the chosen sustainability partner for Icona Design in Shanghai, as well as for a number of educational institutions.

We are pleased that upto u  education services is responsible for running the Icona Academy Learning Hub, the Icona Sustainability Manifesto Outreach Programme, sustainability & educational consultancy services for Long On Group China, sustainability innovation initiatives for undergraduates at SIVA University in Shanghai, as well as sustainable professional development services for international and bilingual schools in China

upto u  education services also advises on the creation & running of community sustainable education centres as part of Smart City and Smart Ecosystems initiatives in China. We are always looking to network with collaborative organisations (businesses, developers, government agencies, schools, universities and innovators in society) who share our vision.