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UAS Leiden The Netherlands

Sustainable university of applied sciences

As a university of applied sciences, we are at the heart of society and have an important formative and binding task. Our students are the professionals of the future: if they have to initiate change tomorrow, we have to give them the knowledge and skills now with which they will be able to do it later. And we don't just want to pass this on to our students, but we also want to set a good example ourselves.


Sustainable development

Stimulating sustainable development is an important principle in education, research and business operations at Leiden University. We challenge our students and alumni to help shape societal and social changes and to help the organizations they work for. Every study programme, faculty and service interprets this in different ways.

By paying attention to a balance between ecological, economic and social interests, we prepare our students for their future. In this way, they not only discover how to deal with all the changes that come to them, but they also have the competences to actively contribute as 'change agents' to a better future that is much needed.