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Tricolage, an inbound travel consulting company, became the first business in Japan to achieve GSTC certification in 2022. This means we meet the highest social and environmental standards of sustainable tourism in the industry. Achieving the GSTC certification is a major step towards achieving our mission to drive sustainable tourism in Japan and beyond. Since we started in 2020, we contribute to the promotion of sustainable tourism in Japan by proposing sustainable travel to inbound travellers, and providing consulting services to local governments and the tourism industry on developing sustainable tourism strategies and business practices. 
Tricolage is committed to: 1) Measure and reduce carbon emissions from our trips and business operations 2) Integrate social and environmental concerns in every aspect of our management, operations and procurement. 3) Report publicly on our sustainability performance 4) Encourage travellers to travel responsibly 5) Influence stakeholders and suppliers for the benefit of the environment and destinations.
Tricolage will do our utmost to further develop sustainable tourism in the future.