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Trekking Team Group

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Environment has always been a top priority at Trekking Team Group. Our practice aids in minimizing the harmful impacts to our natural environment.  We are a proud member of Travelife, which works in the principle of sustainability, and a supporter of TAP(Travellers Against Plastic). From going green in our office to discarding the plastic water bottles in the trek, Trekking Team Group has been helping in conserving our environment. We use solar energy in our office and follow all the rules of sustainability(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). While making our itineraries for the trek, we use local accommodation such as teahouses that helps the local people and also preserves the cultural heritage, and recommend our guests to not take luxurious trips such as heli rides. Programs such as afforestation and awareness are also conducted by Trekking Team Group. 
Following links display our steps towards the conservation to the environment and cultural heritage.
Climate Action Plan Pending