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Travel.Bhutan works in line with the countries tourism policy of “High Value, Low Volume” by offering high-value experience to their guests and aspiring to become a fully green tour company with all their tour activities and services operated in the most eco-friendly ways possible. Travel Bhutan is promoting group tours with smaller carbon footprints by using less vehicles or vehicle pooling, by using reusable water containers rather than plastic bottles, by avoiding using plastic bags and packaging for food, by participating in cleaning campaigns, and by supporting the local production of vegetables.


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Travel.Bhutan commits to:
  • Encouraging affiliated organisations and businesses or partners to join the GTPI by leading by example, organizing advocacy events.
  • Advising and guiding affiliated organisations and businesses or partners to better manage plastics in their operations through practices, criteria, standards and/or policies, and support them to implement their commitments to the GTPI when applicable.
  • Communicating successes to partners, suppliers, travellers, and key local stakeholders via their social media.
  • Developing new partnerships and finding supporters at a local level