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Travel Without Plastics

Officially created in 2017, Travel Without Plastic is a social entreprise working on digital guides and other tools specifically designed to support hoteliers, accommodation providers and other hospitality businesses to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic. 

Travel Wihtout Plastic also designs and delivers workshops and webinars for hotels and the ongoing creation of interactive e-learning programmes to bring all of the above to life for wider stakeholders of the hospitality industry. 

Since 2018, Travel without Plastic has created and updated its Let's Reduce Single-Use Toolkit for Hotels and Accommodation Providers. The latest revision due for publication in August includes additional reference to managing hygiene and plastic reduction.


Global Tourism Plastics Initiative Signatory

"We're really excited to be a part of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative and to see the range of businesses and organisations working together to reduce unnecessary single-use plastics in the tourism industry.  
As members of the Advisory Committee, we have already seen how collaboration is proving effective, not only in the sharing of best practices, but also in the pursuit of solutions to common challenges."  
- Jo Hendrickx - Founder and CEO, Travel Without Plastic

Role in programme(s):


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Travel Without Plastic commits to:

  • Launching a free interactive e-learning programme for hospitality employees in September 2020 which aims to support them with continuing reduction of single-use without compromising hygiene standards or customer expectations.
  • Developing a micro-certification at the request of a number of hotel partners.
  • Supporting businesses to meet the commitments contained within the GTPI expectations when developing materials for webinars, conferences and digital resources.


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