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TAAI endeavours to build in its constituents, a commitment to apply superior technical skills to the jobs on hand, deliver the highest quality of service, act responsibly within sound financial parameters, build trust and credibility in the marketplace in fulfilling its mission and supporting traditional values as well as embracing changes. TAAI's objectives are to work towards a committed national membership, widening its area of influence by judiciously delegating authority and responsibility to Regions, Chapters and City Committees.

Role in programme(s):


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, TRAVEL AGENTS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA commits to:
  • Encourage partners in the supply chain and at destination level to join the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative. More specifically, as an Association of Travel agents of India, the organization represents a broad network of companies operating in India. Within this framework, by joining GTPI, TAAI is committing to the promotion of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative and solutions developed within its framework in the network of their tour operators. The organization commits to bringing at least 1500 tour operators as signatories of GTPI by 2025.
  • Promote solutions, tools, methodologies and recommendations on circular economy of plastics and on reduction of plastic pollution (including tools developed by the GTPI) within their network of tour agencies through trainings, newsletters, knowledge forums & TAAI social media platforms.
  • Communicate successes to partners, suppliers, travellers, and key local stakeholders. More specifically, TAAI will develop a communication strategy on social networks to ensure that GTPI and its solutions are promoted in organization’s network of tour agencies and will incentivize its partners to implement impactful solutions.
  • Publicly report on implementation of commitments above.