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We are Tootbus, RATP Dev’s global sightseeing subsidiary, currently operating hop-on hop-off bus tours in Bath, Bristol, Brussels, Cardiff, London, Paris, and Windsor. We offer customers a sustainable and immersive way to discover the cities including authentic, entertaining, and surprising experiences. ​​ 
Today, 83% of our fleet is low emission including electric (19%), HVO (56%) and NGV (6%) buses.
We have set ourselves the goal to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 through different actions:
1. Convert the remaining of our fleet and invest in zero emmission vehicles
2. Sustainable digitalisation
Digitalisation is an element of social change, and it is key to help us reduce waste and to drive our customers in doing so too. However digitalisation comes with a cost which means we must innovate responsibly. How do we take action?
- Minimise data storage by asking our customers to remove the app from their phone when they finish their journey to avoid energy waste. 
- Avoid e-waste by promoting the use of equipment that can be disassembled, re-used and recycled such as our audio guide devices on the bus, by inviting customers to keep the earphones we offer on board for their personal use or give them back to for recycling or by using materials that are responsibly produced.
3. Promote responsible consumption and production 
- Promote energy-efficient habits in our employees.
- Promote energy-efficient driving habits in our employees. 
- Promote energy-efficient habits in our customers and provide tips to travel more sustainably to and within the destination. 
-  Work exclusively with eco-friendly LOCAL suppliers. 
4. Promote mobility for all
Mobility is a critical factor for well-being and integration into society.  
Our vehicles are adapted for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs (whether electric or manual). These vehicles have technical aids (footboard, handrail, electric elevator, three-point safety belt, etc.) and special features: double doors, low floor and a wider aisle to facilitate internal circulation. We innovate, invent, propose and deploy innovative solutions and services, in order to make travel easier and help people enjoy the city with complete freedom. 
5. Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
We are part of a company that has created a culture of challenge, where each and every employee helps us to meet the challenges that lie ahead. To fulfil that ambition, we are always looking to recruit talented individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, because diversity is a source of wealth. Employees are given various resources and opportunities to pursue a career in their home country, or abroad. Be it a change of location or function, HR teams are there to promote career mobility and help employees along the way. We hope to build a more global company, enriched by international employee mobility. 
6. Offer and design new in-house green activities beyond the bus like our brand-new self-guided walking tours.
And finally, we plan to develop performance indicators that measure decarbonisation and integrate them into the Tootbus mobile app.