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SUNx Malta

SUNx Malta - Strong Universal Network - is a support system for Travel & Tourism stakeholders to build Climate Resilience in line with the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Paris Agreement through Climate Friendly Travel (CFT). It is managed by the EU-based not-for-profit Green Growth & Travelism Institute (GGTI).
There is no greater single threat to humanity than eXistential Climate Change. 
The system has two core elements – Action and Education
1. ACTION is supported by The SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel Registry for 2050 Climate Neutral & Sustainability Ambitions. It is the Travel & Tourism entry to the UNFCCC Climate Action Portal. All companies and communities can commit, plan, and record their action programs in the Registry and receive support to achieve their green sustainability goals and clean carbon reduction targets.
2. EDUCATION includes a Climate Friendly Travel Diploma with the Institute for Tourism Studies in Malta; an Annual Maurice Strong Youth Summit and Awards; as well as a “Plan for our Kids” to train 100,000 Strong Climate Champions, across all UN States by 2030.
SUNx supports Company & Community Climate Resilience through Climate Friendly Travel - Low-carbon: SDG-linked: Paris 1.5. 
SUNx Malta works with SDG-17 Partners to help build global Climate Resilience. 
A program inspired by the late Maurice Strong - Sustainability and Climate Activist half a century ago. It is a legacy to his 20 years of collaboration on Green Growth within Travel and Tourism, with Professor Geoffrey Lipman, and Felix Dodds on Sustainable Development - the co-founders of the programme. 

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The Glasgow Declaration is a good first step but we need to go further and faster. We need Climate Friendly Travel (CFT) that integrates the SDG and Paris 1.5. Plus a DASH-2-Zero Net zero Carbon 2030 and Zero GHG 2050. Our CFT Support Systems, to help companies and and communities transform, include the CFT Registry of sustainability and climate plans : SDG 17 Partners and youth Strong Climate Champions.