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Soulful Concepts

Soulful Concepts is an industry accredited travel company specialising in philanthropic travel design. We provide hand-crafted travel experiences for charities, corporates and individuals. We ensure each of our experiences has a positive impact on an important cause.


We are avid philanthropists, global explorers, travel experts and environmental conservationists, who believe that travel helps life be lived to its fullest. For us, every trip is an opportunity to connect, grow and learn. We created Soulful Concepts to enable people to travel responsibly and give back to the communities and places they visit. We offer socially conscious travellers a special collection of responsible travel experiences that give back to the communities, and environment in the destinations we visit. Our focus is on culture, community developmentconservation, personal well-being and sustainability. 


At Soulful Conceots, we believe sustainability can go hand-in-hand with comfort and style. So we have gone the extra mile to find incredible and unusual places for travellers to stay which offer a special blend of green barefoot luxury and adventure. Our emphasis on eco-friendly accommodation means that travellers will always experience great service in some spectacular natural locations, while still supporting local communities and conservation efforts. Eco-lodges, green hotels, tree-top rooms, yoga retreats, beachside tents, glamping, and historic houses are just some of our responsible accommodation options. In this day and age, as a responsible traveller, we are lucky to have the fantastic options we do when it comes to eco-friendly accommodation. We believe that there is more out there than you may realise. People and communities are doing some inspiring things. That's why we've shared our findings by creating a carefully curated hub of knowledge; from innovative architecture to hotels that live and breathe sustainability.



We don't just talk about philanthropy, we do it ourselves, it is the foundations of what the business is built on, therefore we have committed to donating $50 for each traveller participating on a Charity Challenge, to the organisation they are fundraising for.