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socialtours is based in Nepal, and since its inception in 2002, has been Nepal's leading Tour Operator in terms of responsible tourism practice. In 2015, it became Asia's first tour operator to get the Travelife Certificate of Sustainability.

Since its very inception, the focus has been to reduce consumption at socialtours while conducting its experiences. Over the years, there are many examples of practice that it follows, chief amongst them being

1. Not buying any vehicles but relying on the already existing pool of vehicles that are there in Nepal - thereby not adding more vehicles
2. Only conducting experiences that benefit local and spreads the money into the local economy.
3. A deep focus on the spread of money
4. Designing offices that only use sustainable materials, and is minimal, uses natural lighting as much as possible, and reduces usage fo plastics.
5. Designing experiences that focus on sustainable sourcing, transformational experiences - using tourism as a vehicle of change

Role in programme(s):


We commit as an organization to develop a mechanism within a year to monitor and report our Climate Action.
We also commit within time to use this mechanism to reduce our overall burden on the planet.
We commit to educate travellers and stakeholders who come in contact with us on these actions, so it triggers a transformational chain of understanding and action
Climate Action Plan Pending