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The inspiring members of the Producers Coopérative So-Leader are all passionate about travel, attentive to the smallest detail to sharpen and satisfy clients curiosity and bring exceptional experiences. Our "year-without" has given time to think. Our clients need travel to be rich in significant experiences, to bring a new awareness, a change of scenery, but also the way to progress, individually and collectively.
The ethical travel companies co-owners of our Cooperative in 85 destinations align with our philosophy and mission of sustainable and responsible tourism. They not only offer to admire, but also act, participate, contribute. Their local connections, remarkable professional expertise, seasoned teams, and strong involvement satisfy clients needs, welcome with kindness and transform inspirations into opportunities, so that each trip can be unique, surprising and memories imperishable.
Responsible travel helps create jobs, protect the planet and generate income for the communities that need it most. Experiences of community immersion, meeting local populations or volunteering, allow travelers to connect in a respectful, enriching and sustainable way to the local economy; however, this very restrictive form of alternative tourism is too often equated with exploitation or voyeurism.