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Slowfolk Travel

SlowFolk Travel is an eco-conscious and culturally aware travel agency specializing in slow vacation packages in the Nordic countries.

Travelling with SlowFolk is more than just booking a vacation—it's a chance for you & your co-travellers to explore new shores, expand your mind, relax your body, revive new year's resolutions, connect with yourself and those around you, but maybe most importantly create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Our mission is to deliver eco-conscious and culturally travel packages and arrangements, which reduce the C02 footprint of our guests. We aim to reduce reliance on air travel, prioritise where possible accommodation that uses renewable energy sources, promote electric transport means, and we commit 2% of our profits to conversation, environmental, and social equality projects in our regions of operation. We support inclusivity in all forms from social, culture, financial and environmental in our modes of operations.
Climate Action Plan Pending