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Slovenian Tourist Board

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Since its beginnings, the Slovenian Tourist Board has been working to develop boutique, non-mass tourism, which brings positive social and economic effects. Through systemic solutions, it encourages partners to preserve the environment, as it is a key value in tourism. The fact is that without planned sustainable development, Slovenia cannot defend value for the local population, the tourist economy and the guest in the long term.
Already in 2012, when preparing a national tourism strategy with all the key partners of Slovenian tourism, we committed to ensuring that tourism in Slovenia is fully based on sustainable development. Over the past few years, the participants and co-creators of Slovenian tourism have reached an extremely broad consensus on the need to make all tourism development sustainable. This means being environmentally friendly, protective of national and local culture and aimed at maintaining social balance in terms of prosperity for every individual, society and country.
At the Slovenian Tourist Board, we will continue with measures for the sustainable development of Slovenian tourism. We will further develop and promote the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, the national programme and certification scheme, which under the umbrella mark SLOVENIA GREEN:
•    combines all efforts for the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia,
•    provides actual tools for destinations and providers to assess and improve sustainable operations,
•    through the Slovenia Green brand, it promotes this green operation.
The most pressing issues in the field of sustainable development will be boldly addressed and evaluated in the form of measurable objectives in the years to come. A so-called roadmap is under way to address the challenges:
•    waste reduction with a focus on single-use plastics,
•    a higher share of local and seasonal dishes in the hotel and catering offer,
•    strengthening cooperation between stakeholders in tourism planning, with a focus on the local population.
In 2008, we made a decision to function sustainably at every step of our operations. The commitment to operate with the lowest possible carbon footprint was incorporated in the project, Slovenia-Friendly office. Later on, the green commitment was supplemented with the commitment to a healthy environment for the employees, which resulted in the Green and Healthy Slovenia-friendly office. The commitment to sustainable development and marketing of Slovenian tourism is the commitment of our team to consistently adapt to the environment-friendly business operations and the commitment to set a good example to others when protecting the environment. In doing so, we observe the following fields of operation and impact of our organisation, which encompasses work in the office and at home, business trips, etc.: material flow and waste generation, use of energy, water management, mobility, wellbeing and health in the workplace. Various encouraging messages and stickers are used to raise awareness and promote the implementation of measures. To improve the sustainable business of our organisation, we established the Eco team in 2008, which raises awareness and encourages employees to behave more sustainably.
In the future strategic period, we continue to follow the goal of becoming a 100% green country. We support the global commitment to halve emissions by 2030 and reach Net Zero as soon as possible before 2050 and will prepare the Climate Action Plan in collaboration with the members of the European Travel Commission.

Climate Action Plan Pending