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Shunyoso Cultural Asset Preservation Society

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Our wooden facility is more than 80 years old but to help preserve this historic landmark, we engage in tourism by offering food and beverage as well as lodging to our guest. We also pick up guests with our van and the employees commute. We consume electricity partly generated by burning fossil fuel. We recognize the importance to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by our service. The amount should be calculated, monitored, and offset wherever possible. To help fulfill the Glasgow Declaration, the Shunyoso Cultural Asset Preservation Society commits to: 1) Maximize the use of wood fired furnace for heating and heated water instead of using natural gas. 2) Minimize the use of fossil fueled vehicle and plan ahead of time and route to be the shortest and ensure most saving of the consumption. 3) Minimize the use of tap water and electricity that indirectly emits the greenhouse gas. 4) Minimize the food loss and waste including recyclable items that directly and indirectly emits the greenhouse gas. 5) Maintain with utmost effort our greenery to ensure maximize absorption of CO2 in our garden. 6) Calculate annual carbon footprint and offset entirely. 7) Demonstrate to others our efforts and help spread that can be converted positively into more actions.